Rendez–vous with the hipercube

Short story created for #141 miNatura. The original text, Spanish version, is on the magazine. I worked on the translation but… I forgot to send it to the publisher 😛 Ok. Doesn’t matter: here it is!

Unbelievable but true. Blessed be Schröeder! His design of the stasis field resists even now, in front the initial singularity. I have no words to describe what I see.

Logbook, day… who cares what day is it! I’ve succeeded: I have traveled back in time nearly fourteen billion years in this amazing fish can. During these days my eyes have seen how the universe compressed itself. Well, not my eyes: the tachyon sensors.

Before my eyes the galaxies have danced back to their nests of blinding light. Through the speakers I have heard the rumor of the cosmic microwave background, recovering its energy and returning to its initial state of gamma rays, roaring in fury. Baryons have returned to the womb of his parents, quarks and gluons, as prodigal sons while gravitational waves twisted the plasma soup. Everything converged towards a negative inflation, spacetime crackling, retreating into the pressure cooker that generated the cosmos.

I’ve seen everything through the wall of monitors that lines the capsule, floating, tied to my zero-G armchair. Outside, beyond the horizon of Einstein-Schwarzschild-Schröeder that surrounds and protects me, no longer exist neither time nor space. I’m alone with the hypercube as unique companion.

–I’m in the Principle of It All… and there is no trace of the god –the words of Gagarin arise by own will: his memory, even his presence, have been stalking me for days.

I succeeded. Everything is recorded: I can already go back to my time. But as I press the Turn–Back button an alarm starts to rumble. The capsule is flooded on pulsing red light. Does the ESS field has begun to fail? The light is gone! A thick darkness wraps me, only broken by the wail of the siren… until it stops. I’m blind. I tend arms, I touch the air. Where the hell are the controls? I cannot find them. In fact I can’t find anything. I do not even notice the seat straps: I’m floating in an absolute vacuum.

Suddenly I sense a presence. Cold blue eyes. ¿Gagarin? Someone speaks. Me… or is he?

–Let there be light –I hear that voice. I listen it and I must admit that it’s not just me.

Everything explodes around me. Light, space and sound… as an exclamation: Поехали!



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